Tracking Delivery drivers times / timers / tech tool?

Seeking tool (s), system or advice on how I can efficiently Track Delivery drivers times , from the time they leave store to the time they return. For financial and practical reasons I cannot change my POS ( I am located in Mexico). So trying to find a standalone solution, am considering purchasing some large display kitchen timers and having driver reset them but seems hard to get them to follow up, something automatic like an rfid chip that would detect them as they arrive leave , comes to mind or a barcode scanner that they have to check in and out, every trip? Thanks in advance…

Our pos system does all this stuff. Even alerts me when a driver is stationary for more then 3 minutes on the road.

My guess would have a spreadsheet for them to sign in and out each time.

I was tired of people going missing for extra time on the clock. As soon as my pos had this upgrade , I immediately signed up. All the horsing around stopped.

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yup love DeliveryIQ with Foodtec

Never heard of this feature not being in a POS. Even the very first TMS systems i used back in the 90’s had this feature eventually. (we originally used cloth pins with employee numbers written on them, and just moved them from “in store” spot to “out of store spot” on the rack)

An “eagle” or “hustler” eliminates the need to be constantly supervised.

We all wish we had them.

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I’m an old school kind of guy, so…
Why not just get a standard mechanical time-clock with time cards, they punch the card when they leave, the punch it again when they get back in.
Pay them a lesser hourly when they are the road, and the magically manage to get back faster, amazing how that works, huh?

'seems hard to get them to follow up"

3 strikes and you’re out… they’ll follow up with no problem. Don’t spend extra money on something your drivers could and should be doing for free.

Thanks to all will consider the options,