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Apparently we’re been watched! Apparently we’re all too busy with our PR departments to reply! However, apparently only
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Jim its not ‘Who in the Hell Is Jimmy P?’ it was ‘what have you been doing since the 2006 press release’, a simple and courteous question. If you want to misquote and play games you’ll be in good company with Gregster, however at least you answered the question posted to you so you’ve improved a little on his style. :roll:

and btw no we won’t ‘kill you’! :twisted:

I did not come here to defend gregster, or myself for that matter. I am simply a product of the environment I was brought up in. All of my actions this year have been to focus my anger and vent before I exploded and went postal lol. I could write a small book about how I have been treated at the dominos pizza I work for, and have worked for a number of years. I can tell you, I have received death threats from managers and countless forms of discrimination a lot of witch has been documented in federal rulings by the NLRB and is public info. As for Miss quoting things I promise, anything that I post that is legal fact I will disclose the name of the lawyer who told me the info. I know a lot of lawyers now. Funny how that works…

Please understand I tried for 3 years to work with the owner Roy Jeff May in helping him make a great sore. Dominos pizza always has been in my life and a huge part of it. I am and always will be a pizza man. It was the owner MR May that NEVER not ONCE came to talk to the Union when it was made of only Drivers. It was always lawyers telling him not to talk to me that led me down the path I am on now. I am simply here trying to discuss driver conditions with some owners. I want to hear what you all have to say. I would also hope that you would want to talk to someone who is costing the pizza industry millions of dollars.

After all it was .25 raise that led us to where we are today. And the longer I fight with MR May the more I will strike back. I do this as an anger response. (Sorry I am only human) If the man would of only talked to me as a man should have, and not the piss ant driver who won a union vote. None of these lawsuits would have ever happened. Kind of funny when you think the 240.00 dollars a year I asked for would of saved the Big 3 hundreds of millions of dollars. But I opened Pandora’s Box with the lawsuits and even if I was never to help anyone file another one again it would not stop. Now that the lawyers know how to make some $$$ off of owners they will never stop.

So we can work together or you all can treat me as MR May Did…

But remember this. The same law firms that told MR May not to talk to me. Are now the same Law firms defending a lot of corporations. In million dollar FLSA suits (hmmm makes me wonder if it was all part of a master plan and I could write a book on this theory as well) and if you don’t see that then you are blind.

When we don’t talk lawyers do. And they cost a hell of a lot more then making things better for the both of us.

Jim Pohle

P.S. If I am not welcome here I will leave. I honestly did not come here to fight. I do that every day at work. I came to talk. Let me know if I break anyone’s rules I am a newbie here.

I hope you find I have never met a true pizza man that I did not like.

P.S.S. P.s. to all those who are English police. Let’s get one thing clear now I admit I have crappy writing skills and my typing and spelling both su@ks…

I am a pizza man dam it not a English teacher… So if you have a question or a need for more info please jest let me know… other wise know this if anything is ever written in perfect English I did not write it

And by the way you could at least say hello in my thread :wink:

Hello Jim!

If you have a valid point and want to discuss without pushing things down our throat then your participation on this board will I am sure be welcomed.

My comment was that its not a great start to mis-quote the first question you have on the board over on TTPG.


I am truly sorry but I do not understand. Granted I closed last night and still have not been to sleep so cut me a little slack please.

I admit I use TTPG as Wage Worker Army but I don’t know what you mean by the first question I asked there… I have asked a ton of questions there…

P.S. I learned a long time ago not to try and force a belief. If a belief can not be supported in a debate then maybe it needs to be reevaluated as ones belief.

Jim Pohle

sorry let me rephrase

My comment was that its not a great start to mis-quote the first question you have had on PMQ, on the board over on TTPG.

Omg lol now I understand. I am sorry but this was a communication problem between you and I. let me put to you in my context what I meant by this post…

Who in the Hell Is Jimmy P?


I did not mean this as an insult to anyone on this board. When I logged onto TTPG I saw gresters link I was like what the fuxs lol. I don’t really have personal conversations with him so I had no idea he would post my coming here on TTPG. I meant that post as a joke on myself and to the board at TTPG. I was busted by gregster for posting here. And that was meant to let him know I saw his post on TTPG. I in nooooooo way meant that as a reference to the question asked of me in the Hello thread. And I do apologize if I offended anyone…

Does this make sense to you in my ½ awake mind I told you I have not slept yet and this time of day with no sleep I get a little goofy.

Jim Pohle