train wreck

nick how well does that sell?
and what is the mark up over a large supreme or meatlovers?

Here’s the scoop. We sell a few 'Wrecks every week . . . maybe 3 to 4. Sometimes they bunch up and we get as many as 6. That is a good many for aour volume of business.

We have the three pizzas: (toppings/cogs/contribution)
TRAINWRECK 20 top / 39.5% / 17.82
WORKS 8 top / 30% / 15.96
MEATLOVER 4 top / 30% / 12.24

The Trainwreck is intended as our mental anchor to drive down perception or our other prices. Now answering Rockstar’s question, I may want to consider bumping that price up some more to make it a little better contribution over the Works . . . or bump down my COG% somehow. Mostly it is a novelty that lots of people talk about, and not a whole lot order.

We intend to have a timed eating challenge of the 'Wreck . . . 60 minutes to eat the 6.25 lb pizza (precooked). One has tried as a test, and he hit the wall HARD at 7/8 of the pie.

Haha, I just checked out your menu Nick… Awesome. We are opening soon and we have a pizza on our menu called the “Tranwreck” but it’s nothing similar to yours… it was more named that because of a guy we know whose nickname is Trainwreck and it just sounded like a good pie :slight_smile:

Cool. That’s quite the coincidence!

Ours is named after a train derailment that happened in our downtown in the 60’s. We have some community-tied stuff like that going on. Naming after people is another really fun thing to keep connected to people with.