transporting dough to second location

hello everyone! first time im posting but been reading up alot.

so i have opened a second shop up and currently we make the dough at location 1 and drive it over to location 2.

we make the dough, roll it into pans and leave it in the fridge until the next day or ideally the day after.

is there any other way we can take dough to the second location? i was thinking make into dough balls then roll out at second location?

the reason we are not making the dough at the new location is so there is consistency in the process and in the future we are hoping to open more locations through franchising so would need this sort of procedure anyway?

We’re in the early stages of planning a commissary and this it how we’ll likely move the dough as we do pan pizzas also: transport in dough trays, then roll into pans and finish proofing at store. Will allow us into invest in one rounder/divider and a larger mixer for the commissary, then only needing a 2-pass roller at each location.

To transport stacks of pans, you’d need a pretty specialized set up to keep the stacks from shifting/toppling as you drove around corners or had to brake fast. Just seems simpler/faster to load and unload stacks of dough trays with a hand truck.

We make all of our dough, sauce, and shred our cheese for 9 locations in one commissary. We love the consistency that this get us. We’re able to do this with 1 full time and 2 part time employees using a 190 qt spiral mixer, dough rounder, and vemag 500 divider. Here’s our dough process.

  1. Make dough in mixer like you normally would
  2. Weigh and round dough after mixing
  3. Place dough balls on dough trays (we put 6 22 oz dough balls per tray). Spray with oil spray and cover with plastic wrap
  4. Immediately refrigerate dough (cross-stack the trays)
  5. Deliver the dough the following morning

Our full time guy delivers the dough early in the morning before making the next day’s dough. The full time guy comes in around 4 am and everything is finished around noon on most days. We use a delivery van to deliver the dough with a plywood floor to prevent sliding. With only 2 locations you wouldn’t need a refrigerated van assuming that there not too far apart.

The covers we use are robbed from the tops so not flat, the next pizza pan would sit into the bottom lid if that makes sense? This way we wouldn’t need a roller at each extra store or the need of dough trays as they are rolled out into the pans within 15 mins of being taken out of the mixer.

We do ours pretty much the same. We use stacking trays on rollers and strap them to the walls of the delivery truck. We do quite a bit more stuff because we run a crew of 10 each day. Or we’re just slow :slight_smile:

why do you need to cross stack the trays and not on top of each other?

You cross stacking is for cooling. Once the dough has cooled you would then nest them in their stacks.

Since the dough is warmer than the cooler if you were to lid/cover the dough boxes right away you would get extremely inconsistent cooling of the dough balls and to make matters even worse you would get condensation forming inside of the box which would result in wet, sticky dough balls with an increased potential to bubble during baking in the oven. The length of time that the dough boxes are left cross-stacked will vary with the dough ball weight but the general rule is to leave the boxes cross-stacked until the internal dough ball temperature reaches 50F.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor