Traveling with pizza

My wife is traveling by plane on Saturday to visit relatives in Gainesville Fl. They have requested that she bring one of our pizzas. Any ideas on how to get a 16" pizza from point A to Point B via Delta airlines without it getting totally destroyed? They are not known for being overly gentle on the baggage.
So far my plan is to cook the pizza on Friday, leave it on the screen, after it cools wrap it in plastic wrap and then put in a box
Anybody have a better idea to preserve a pizza though the punishment of baggage handling in ATL?

Do a take and bake, freeze it, wrap in plastic wrap, then newspaper, place in a foam box. Check it (or better yet fed-ex it overnight) so it will not need to be opened at security. Include a screen so you can thaw it and bake when you get there. It will be a LOT better than a cooked pizza that has traveled.

Yeah i would just overnight it instead of trying to take it thru security/check it.