Trays with "nibs" or perforated?

I am looking for a tray on which I can place a “slice pie” and hold it for a while better than the regular one’s I’m using.
We move it fast enough that I don’t use a humidified cabinet, but the pie, just sitting hot on a regular tray, is steaming it’s own crust to mush.

Any recommendations regarding trays with “nibs” (bumps that raise the pizza) or perforations, or perforated nibs? And if so - WHERE do you get them? I can’t seem to find them stocked anywhere…


I personally don’t like the trays with the raised nibs as the pizza will settle down into the nibe and negate their function. Screens and perforated baking trays both work quite well to allow moisture to escape from the bottom of the hot pizza thus maintaining a better bottom crust characteristic. You can get screens at American Metalcraft <> and you can get the perforated baking trays at <>.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Thanks, but I’m not cooking on them, I am looking for a tray on which to HOLD a pizza. Just for a while - we’re selling hot and fresh by the slice, and keep it on a warmer which extends that life a bit (not a humidity box - just a hot shelf kind of thing).
So I was thinking the crust would maintain it’s crispy a little longer if it wasn’t “steaming” itself. Like if you don’t cut a pie pretty quick on an aluminum tray, it loses the crunch - know what I mean? I thought nibs might help.
I know AM makes them, I just wanted something in a hurry that might be stocked. Had trouble actually finding ANY 20" trays stocked…

Thanks again,