trere are no pies in austin

i just got back in town from Austin and i have go to tell you that there are many possibilities for opportinties in the pizza business in austin i did not see one pizza shop in the whole town if any body would like to explain this i am all ears

There are quite a few pizza places in Austin, but not that many Mom and Pop joints. They have a couple Double Dave’s that do very well, and Mr. Gatti’s is very big there.

There is one place, that has a handful of locations, called Mangia. It’s a Chicago Style pizza. I, being a native Chicagoan, am offended by that pizza, but it is immensely popular in Austin.

There is definitely a shortage of good pizza in Austin, but there is an ample supply of pizza. There is no place that I’ve had that I would recommend.

A few years ago there was an article in either PMQ or Pizza Today about pizza places in Austin. I believe the article said there were more pizza places in Austin per capita than any other city in America. I may have been mistaken about the exact #'s, but there are LOTS there. Pick up a phone book. … tid=405493

Here is the yellow page listing. WOW did that say 177 category results with 218 name results? I don’t think you were looking very hard.

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