Tried something new today... thought I'd share

I was at Wally World yesterday and saw one of those digital picture frames on the clearance rack, so I bought it. Went back to the restaurant and took some pictures of appetizers and had them rotating on the digital picture frame every 5 seconds. Low and behold, I had several customers order appetizers that I don’t think would have if they didn’t see the picture flash in front of them. I heard, “Oh, that looks good. Let’s get some of those.” Music to my ears!

I’m not saying it’s genius just yet, but this $79 investment may pay for itself within a week 8)

Great idea. Might give it a go myself, especially with the upcoming release of our Dessert Pizza range.

Also a great way to upsell without the presssure on the customer to feel like that they are being forced into buying extra.

Thanks for the heads up.


No, that IS genius!

I am thinking that it would look good either in line for those waiting or at the register.

Here’s a 7" model for $35 shipped:

You can find several other smaller or larger ones for decent prices at

if u have an older unused pc u can do a slide show w/power point as another concept

I believe there will be a big change in digital menus in the quite near future…


That is a GREAT idea!


That A & E Series “We Mean Business” used digital displays in most shows…A nearly dead computer and a decent size LCD monitor would work wonders…

What a great idea - I have been thinking about new desserts and pasta but I hated the idea of tent cards. I am on my way to buy a small LCD monitor.

Never seen these before so don’t know how deep they are, but would it be possible to put one in your shop window to attract passers by?

Great idea that could be used in so many ways…

a little small 4 window displays - and quite pricey 4 larger versions…best 2 consider a large screen LCD that will accept pc connections, if u want 2 go that route…

I’ve had a 10inch one that I picked up at Costco for $129 sitting in front of my two main POS terminals since January. I load it with about 6 slides because I figure that’s about all the time that a customer will be at the counter and then change the pictures as needed. If you, or someone you know is handy with Photoshop you can create some fabulous images and load them on the frame.

So far I’ve used it to push my website, magnets, Super Bowl Specials, Help Wanted, daily specials, and I just loaded a March Madness special on to it today. In the near future I’m going to use it to help promote new pizzas, signing up for my email newsletter, and any other events. It really is a fun and useful little toy.

I had done this about a year ago and got great results! I use it for new items or when sales have dropped on a high profit item to get it back in high rotation.
Also works to throw in some pics of customers eating the food or like we put our youth sponsored ball team on rotation during season