Any idea how to get ahold of TripAdvisor? Doordash has their damn link on our page and say they cant remove it and they are horible to talk to. Cant find a phone number for TripAdvisor.

203 701 5407 is a customer service number for business. We don’t use them and I’ve never contacted them but this is what I found. Good luck

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This is the response I received from them when trying to remove my Grubhub link. As long as you have a relationship with DoorDash they will not remove it.

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Thank you
I just don’t understand this crap. We all need to sign in with a password but yet a third party site can just hop on for the ride and profit from our site. This is BS. Now I found Postmates on our Google page, wtf

I had the same issue with all. I contacted each from their contact us link on their web page and demanded to be removed from there DATA BANK. It took a couple of weeks. Once removed from their data bank when google crawls the link will be removed from your business page on google.