Triple D and Stanislaus :o)

I have seen about 7 episodes of Diners, Drive-ins & Dives in the last week and a half. It finally struck me just how many shops using canned tomatoes with labels that peek into the shot . . . use our old friend Stanislaus. I saw cans of 7-11, Tomato Magic, Concentrated Crushed, and Filleto di Pomodoro and 74-40 if my recognition was right. In the “full shot” views, the labels are always peeled, but the B camera shots showing close-up pouring in has the labels that are unmistakable.

Not saying that it means they are somehow a greater product because they appeared on the show . . . just that the restaurants are as committed to uality as us pizza goobs are when it comes to canned 'maters.

Stanislaus for life! I have never dealt with a company as customer focused and customer appreciative as Stanislaus is. They call and ask if we have any concerns or how the product is every 6 months or so, they send out Christmas gifts, they send their newsletter with marketing tips…

A few weeks ago, I opened a can of product and it was solid white and green mold on top. The can must have had a defect and allowed air into it, but thought I should let them know anyway. So I sent them a picture of it and and told them that i just thought they should see it and that I don’t want anything for it. I got a call the next business day and they were interested in seeing the can so they could inspect it and find the exact problem, unfortunately I had thrown the can away and it was gone already. A few days later I got a 2 cases of products delivered via ups. I felt bad, I didn’t want them to do that, I didn’t expect anything from them because I’ve always been happy and understand that things happen. I will be a customer of theirs for life.

Agreed. Been using them for 13 years now.

The trick is finding their products here in Franklin, GA now that we don’t have a truck to bring them to us :frowning: An hour north to Atlanta Rest Depot will be my best bet . . . stokpile every now and again maybe. I sure miss my Stani 'maters here at home. Hunts just isn’t getting it done.

I found that Sciabica still has some small cans of Tomato Magic in stock that I might try to order if there’s any chance they are still in good shape.

Got my Christmas card and present from them today…and it’s addressed to me this year!!!1!

Lucky you Eric… I saw they sent a box to my manager! Seems odd. I own the place and choose the product after all, but maybe they are sending me a plane ticket instead?

Oh well.

I’ve always wondered if their products are really that good as many of you say. I don’t dispute you appreciate their quality control or taste, I wonder if their competitors are just that much worse.

I wish I could taste it but they won’t ship anything outside North America and don’t want any non-US/Canadian distributors. Are their tomatoes really better than the ones we get from Italy?

There are top eschalon produsts in the US that really stand above many, many of the others. Some are closer, but there are 2 or 3 fresh packed tomato brands that surpass the bulk of the remanufactured industrial paste products so prevelant.

I don’t know what brand you are getting from Italy, but I can tell you that Californis tomatoes, olives and grapes are competing quiet favorably with the Italian and French counterparts these days. If you are in the EEU getting a fresh packed, real tomato product with limited additives from close by, then American makes no sense for you . . . even Stanislaus. just like it often makes little sense for American shops to use imoprted Italian tomatoes except for cache in places like New York or New Jersey. We get exceptional products packed in US that are equal or greater products. Paying fuel and tarrifs for European products not a great idea . . . and the reverse for you.

Sorry you miss out on these products. But you should find a comparative one out wherever you are.

I got a real good laugh today courtesy of a sales rep from a major international food service company. He said “Our house brand of tomato products are every bit as good as anything Stanislaus sells.”

I have had the misfortune of sampling their products in the past and can say without hesitation his statement is 100% false.

Stanislaus would be much cheaper for me, Nick. I’m in Japan, and shipping from California to Japan costs about half as much as shipping anything from Europe. Plus the dollar is so weak against the yen now that it’s like a 33% discount compared to a few years ago.

Same thing with cheese. Domestic Japanese mozzarella costs about $5/lb. Ouch! I’m thinking about using tweezers for portion control… :mrgreen: