Triple Net Lease- Repairs

I have a NNN lease and can’t seem to find in it who is responsible for the repairs to items like; water heaters, furnaces, and plumbing.

My a/c has gone out twice in the last two months. It’s only 2.5 years old. I have paid the bills both times, (labor only, parts under warranty).

In a NNN lease who is responsible for repairs like that me or the landlord?

Thanks for the advice.

generally, you are responsible for those repairs…

Yup, triple net is for Common Area Maintenance, Taxes, and Facility Insurance (not insurance on your stuff). When you sign a triple net lease on an existing premises, you should always have an inspection done of existing equipment.

The common approach is that the tenant is responsible. But, that is just the common approach; your lease is the contract that defines who has to do what. I would be somewhat suprised to see one that did not clearly spell the issue out… but then you never know.