Triple Pepperoni Pizzas

So typically i sometimes put a 1 time specialty pizza for a month or 2 & was thinking of doing a triple pepperoni pizza on. I made one with the sandwich size pepperoni, cupping pepperoni & my standard Margherita pepperoni. This was sooo soo greasy, I think my customers would just complain at how greasy it is. Any thoughts or suggestions

Maybe try adding breadcrumbs under the pepperoni to soak up some of that grease

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I have the exact combo your talking about. Ran it as a special, now it is in the top 3 tied with meats and supreme. Deli pepperoni, regular pepperoni, and cup and char. Over 70 pepperoni. Yes it is greasy, but people love it.



Be careful with your pricing. We’ve seen sandwich pep basically double in price

We have a Pepperoni Lovers pizza

Its sells CRAZY

regular pepperoni and cup and char
I have never had a complaint that its greasy

I may suggest using a 14 slice pepperoni over a 16 or 18 slice, I’ve noticed the thinner pepperoni grease out more…im talking about regular everyday pepperoni

We use Hormel Bold and Hormel Rosa Grande