Trouble getting to page

Is anyone else having trouble getting to the Think Tank Forum from the main page? Everytime I click on it,it tells me page not available?

Obviously not every time, or you couldn’t have posted that!

So they’re having problems. It happens.

No need for the sarcasm,it was just an observation and question to make sure it wasn’t just me.

I was shut out for quite a few hours…During this time period my anit-virus alterted me to some kind of problem…Not sure if it was a problem with think tank but they could be related…

Yea,that was what was happening to me also Roster that’s why I was trying to determine if it was my computer or the actual site. The last few times I had to log in through the think tank hot topic box.

There is indeed a problem. PMQ are working on the issue and are also upgrading the server at the same time.

For some reason my computer also does not recognize the site and log me in automatically any more. I have to log in each time. I also get a “secure content” box to click to show all content on each and every page that is new. All in all it is kind of a PITA.

My apologies, sincerely. The “not every time” comment was intended as humor. The rest of it was unnecessary.

It looks like the domain registration changed to a German-based registrar on Mar 26. The problem looks like a Russian group tried to hijack the DNS. If you watched your browser carefully, you would have seen that your bookmarked link was attempting to connect to two different sites in Russia.

I have successfully logged on with each of the browsers on my various types of gadgets. I believe Bernard has been successful in cleaning things up. You may need to clear the cookies.

Hey Steve…mine did the same but just tonight went back to normal. It remembers me now. I think a delivery driver just spun out into a utility pole and took out the network via one single cable. That’s just a thought… :wink:


I wasted my youth chasing their missile subs off the east coast of the USA and now I am in later years of middle age and they are messing with one of my favorite web sites. Why do they hate me so?

This phpbb install is still hacked - might be {text} hack or db injection. The search function routes to another Russian server.

You may need to kill the entire php coding and start with a fresh MySQL and Vbulletin or Simple Machines board setup. They’re both more secure than this phpBB setup.

For a day or so the board was remembering log-in info… but now it is back to having to log in every time again.

I am all over the place tonight. Locked out. Forbidden pages. etc… Something is messed up!

It would be most helpful if you could send as much detail as possible about what troubles you are experiencing. For example I have noticed that when there is a redirect involved I get the 403 forbidden screen. If I go out of the page and reload I can get back in.

Well for me it seems I can only get in and log on if I click on one of the TT Hot Topics on the homepage

I get the forbidden content page you mention. I also get a long box at the bottom every time I open a new page that says “Only secure content is displayed” and offers a button to show all content.

Yo DAddio… I get that secured content yes/ no box almost every page load…and the forbidden page 403. I also have gotten a wierd one where the format of the entire page changes to more of a listing set up as line items rather than an interactive webpage. Most is just PITA time wasted and for most if you can navigate the pages…there are backdoor ways to get to where you are wanting too be. I am sure this is just part of the anti-spam/drivers campaign that’s ongoing. :wink:

I have been getting the same messages today I googled it & fixed the prob, but also every time I click on something on anything in PMQ it keeps going to the “GOOGLE” home page, very strange