Truckstop/Industrial Center Projections

I’m curious if there are any other member that are currently located in a truckstop type location or have analyzed putting a restaurant in such a location. Specifically, I’m trying to analyze what potential sales might be (i.e., business viability.)

I’m Looking to open a Pizza/Sandwich/(burgers maybe) store in a newer truckstop location. There is a Quickie Mart with a Subway sandwiches inside, but no other food service outlets for 20 miles. The truckstop is located in a large industruial center (containing numerous distribution centers, the likes of Amazon, etc.) There are no homes for 15 miles and things pretty much shut down after about 7:00pm. Weekends are pretty slow as the distribution centers are mostly closed.

I can do vehicle and truck counts and visit each of the distribution centers and obtain employee counts. Is there any sort of formula, that is somewhat reliable, regarding the conversion of vehicle traffic and employee counts to sales volume?

Thanks in advance for your input.

OK, I just met with the industrial center’s developer and was informed that the traffic volume is as follows: There are between 3,500 to 4,000 employees working in the distribution centers (i.e. Amazon warehouse, etc.) In addition, there are approximately 800 trucks (tractor/trailor) going in and out of the complex each day. Many of these trucks stop at the truckstop, which is approx. 200 yards from the proposed restaurant site (i.e., they would have to walk 200 yards to get warm pizza, or they can go inisde the gas station and get a Subway sandwich.)

The number of employees, truck count, etc., represent approximately 5-10% of the estimated full volume of the industrial center. The center should reach 50% capacity in approximately 5 years.

So, magical pizza guru’s, can this restaurant make any money? I can’t seem to get comfortable with how to “guess” how much traffic actually will turn into sales.

Again, thanks in advance for ANY advice, insights, thoughts.