try putting this on the delivery car?

i had an idea to put a delivery bag and have smoke come out of it on top of the delivery car,
so it looks like there
is a delivery bag filled with food on the top of the car.

cool idea right.

please try it!!

let me know how it goes

I tried this last night.

Thanks a lot! This idea scorched to paint on the roof of my car, not to mention the melted nylon that is now stuck up there. Also, it ruined a $20 delivery bag. Oh, and not to mention the gallon a gasoline at $3.15!

You were right about one thing - I did get noticed better than a normal car top - especially when the fire deptartment came with lights and sirens…

Ummmm . . . how did it work for YOU?

cool idea
what is the implementation ?

First of all you shouldnt have used a 20.00 bag use the good ones they prodece much more smoke and the nylon is easy to get off your car. a good carnuba wax will help protect your vehicle paint, google it and look for the one where they actually do a demonstration and put lighter fluid on the car and light it on fire that product must really work! Also dont use gas use deisel it is cheaper and burns much slower. last but not least I found if you actually have a couple of pizzas in the bag you also get the aroma of cooking food as you drive.

Could I not just build a “pizza bag” of aluminum or something like that, paint it, and do one of two things:

  1. slow burn a pizza and let the smoke escape, like making charcoal
  2. have a dish of water and drop some dry ice in it . . . or use a power inverter plugged into a cigarette lighter/utility outlet and a smoke machine from the Halloween aisles of the stores.

either way, I get the steam and the look of a pizza bag . . . . .

OK, I’m going in a Christmas parade and smoke would be cool…

Is there a practical way to do it, ie, a safe “smoke machine” ?


You can buy a “smoke generator” sort of machine from the local party store (Party City in our neck of the woods). You pour this fluid in, and it makes a hazy, smoky mist. Safety is relative :slight_smile: You gotta keep flammables from touching it, and you need to generate AC power.

A Deep Cycle battery and power inverter like what you plug into a car lighter would do you up. Battery -> alligator clip to utility outlet -> car lighter plug to 110V AC outlet. Voila! Most if not all of this can be found in the Automotive Parts stores. If you have a cigarette/utility outlet in you car, then you save a piece.

I saw the “smoke generators”
too much to even rent for a short event…
dry ice and warm water looks like the way to go for me…less impressive though not a big expense…

I am going to try a dough box with lid, cut hole in middle, put dry ice and warm water in and see, for a 1 hour Christmas parade…can let you know after the parade on December 6th,