Try this!!!!!!!

Well wednesday my daughters teacher came in to eat food, after my daughter kept promoting our store in class (shes 10 yrs.old). Anyway I told her I wanted to have a teacher appreciation week she said to give the coupons to my daughter. So I made up coupons w/ $7.99 w/ free topping and $7.50 w/ out.She copied the coupons for me sent it to all teachers in her school and the other 4 schools in the area. It worked I had 39 teachers and new customers on friday alone, now that they tried it I will give another special and do the student discount plus teacher discount. Every1 try this I cant beleive it cost me nothing for this promotion and I didnt have to wait for the PTA to call me back . THIS WAS A GREAT PROMO!!! :lol:

$7.99 with a free topping but $7.50 without the free topping? :lol:

Yeah - the tax on Free is $0.49. See?