Try to be courteous & nice

So I have had this elderly couple coming in for awhile now on every Thursday, they had asked me when they first started to come in, if they could bring in their drink that they have in the car because they just come a Dr. appointment, I said sure I dont mind, they were eating in. So every Thursday since they come in sit down with their 20oz pop that I could obviously tell it was already opened & half gone.

So today they come in with 2 other people to sit & eat & I look up & to much my surprise they brought in their OWN 2-liter of pop, same brand I sell COKE.

So how should I handle this the next time they come in Grrrrr :x

Implement a corkage fee for 2 liters :lol:

First of all, Piper, that is hilarious!

Secondly, Daisy, try to look at the positive side of this story–you have two people who have chosen your pizzeria to give their business to EVERY Thursday. And, they just brought you two new customers the other day. Heck, they may bring a new couple with them every week. They’ve probably told all of their friends how nice and accommodating you are, too!

In the grand scheme of things, how important is that soda, really?

Liz Barrett

The 2 other customers they brought in are not new to my establishment, it is their son & daughter in law & they have been coming to buy pizza every week from me as well, it was just this time that all four sat down to eat in together. Them bringing in their own pop at first was just fine because they were just 20oz bottles that were already 1/2 drank, it just really got to me that they would actually bring an unopened 2 liter in when they clearly see I sell 2 liters

I understand what you are stating BUT how far would you actually go if this was you as a customer walking into a restaurant with your own drinks.

It just seems to me that they are pushing it a little to far

The bottom line is that it’s your restaurant and you make the rules. If you decide to enforce a “no outside drinks” rule with them, that is entirely within your rights as a business owner. Just know that you may lose them as customers. I’d handle it carefully to make sure they don’t spread bad comments around town. In their defense, you did tell them it was OK in the beginning; they’re just seeing how far they can take it.

Good luck,

I would tell them that you “will be happy to stock their preferred beverage (even if you just go get a few from the supermarket and keep them in back) to save them the inconvenience of having to bring it with them” and let them figure it out.

Irritating? Yes. Important? No. The only way this will hurt you, is if lots of your customers start doing this, which won’t happen unless your prices are just totally out of line. (too much hassle for 95% of the people)… Ignore it and be nice.

ha ha ha people have some freekin nerve, i would never bring my own drinks into a restaurant. but it happens at my place to… I haven’t said anything to anyone yet because their isn’t much going on when they come in and i’m happy to have the business. if it happens often i would let the customers know that i sell 2 liters here. if that doesn’t turn the light bulb on would say something the third time.