Trying a new crew incentive

In tracking our sales of salads, wings, other hot apps, beverages etc, I find that we are selling about 3 of these items for every five pizzas we sell. In other words, a lot of pies go out with nothing else on the ticket. (If I add ice cream the percentage goes way up, but since giving the ice cream away is by far our most popular coupon, I don’t count it)

I met with my manager the other day and we decided that the store will pay for a $250 late night bowling party (his suggestion) if we can boost that to side units = 75% or more of pizza units for an entire two week pay period.

It is always hard to get staff to ask for sides no matter how much you tell, ask, coherse, demand. We worked out that if we could add a garlic bread @ $4 to every second order (who are only ordering pizzas) we would increase sales by around $400 a week or a g/bread & drink combo @ $6 by $600.
Guess they forget when under the pump on busy nights or just too lazy or timid.
Hope yours works out Steve, especially as you are now in your quieter months when you need every sales to be maximised.
Keep us posted.

In my waiter days, I used to love it when they had contests for selling the most of something…I usually won every contest there was…Because I asked and I also explained to my guest that there was a contest and they could help me win…

When I worked at a steakhouse all those stats were tracked…Good waiters got the most and best shifts and others got what was left over…

We give em a free meal.

We try and do a weekly contest. Sometimes we will do a specific on fridays like breadstix and the employee will get a free order.

Works out good…when we actually do it! Thanks for the reminder :mrgreen: