Trying out ovens?

After years of debating deck vs conveyor I’ve decided to give the conveyor thing a shot. But how do you actually try before you buy? I’d hate to invest that kind of coin and be disappointed.

I’ve heard about someone trailering ovens to you, but no clue if that guy still does that?

I’d really like to try the “best” oven out there that will duplicate NY deck pizza.

Just buy an edge

Problem solved

Email they may be able to arrange a demo for you.

George Mills

I believe Italia Forno has a deck bake with a conveyor style. I may have the name slightly wrong, but I remember seeing it advertised in the PMQ Mag. With that said, we have a double stack edge at one of our locations and wish we had it at our other as well. It’s awesome and Mike French is very easy to deal with. Extremely knowledgable

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we had them demo right outside our shop before we switched…since then we have demo’d them in our shop numerous times for prospective customers with great results