Trying to get some info please

was wnating to get some info on ind stores if possible

  1. population
  2. store hours
  3. extras other than pizza & wings
  4. & sales volume if you would’nt mind
  5. sitdown/del or delco

here is my info 2 stores

  1. 6000 & 1500
  2. 11am-9pm M-Sat closed sun
  3. spaghetti, fettucini, steaks
  4. LY 300k & 192K
  5. #1 delco #2 sitdown/ del

trying to figure out if we should just run nights in 1st store as lunches from 11-3 only
avg 75-100 a day after 3 is when it starts rockin

any info would be great

That is really bad numbers for lunch.
My town has 2,500 pop.
I am open tues-sat 11am-10pm sun 3pm-10pm.
I do $600.00 by 3pm average.
750k per year.
I sell salads, strombolis, subs, and sticks.
These items do very well for lunch.

I think you should open at 3pm based on what you wrote.
But then again that is 25k a year that you will lose.

2500 population and 750k annually? Please explain… I want to hear much, much more of how you get that to happen.

The thing is, we are very well know for our product and consistency. We only have one other pizza shop in our town. We use the town name for our name “xxxxx pizza”. Our prices are 15% to 20% less than anywhere else. We have been here since 1959. And we pull alot of sales from a 20 mile radius.

Last year I sold:
430,000 “cuts” of pizza, we use 18"x26" sheets and cut them up into 28 square cuts of a bread style dough pizza.
41,000 strombolis
13,000 subs

One big thing too is I have a drive thru that is like fast food. We always have product ready because we do a high volume. I could probably make alot more money but then why charge the customer more when it will all go to the government anyway.

Using the word cuts to describe pizza, you must be from pittsburgh…I lived there and worked in a pizza joint and people always said that…

  1. 32,071
  2. mon-sat 11-10 sunday 12-10
  3. salads, wraps, heros, pastas, dinners, rolls, calzones, appetizers, deserts and soon italian ices
  4. we were doing about 8,500k a week, but we have jumped up to the 11,000k /week for 3 weeks now
  5. sitdown(no waitress)del co

Lunch is big here also…we can be up to 1,000 by 5:00 some fridays

“…never trust a skinny pizza guy”

haha that is great, probably true!