Trying your pizza place/list of poster's restaurants?

My wife and I will be driving from NJ to FL on I-95 and it’s always nice to try new places, especially of those who care about their food or at least their business :slight_smile: Anyone on the way? Is there a list of all poster’s restaurants (if they care to share?).

You can always stop by Tango Pizza on baymeadows we are half a mile away from I95

COME COME :slight_smile:

I am sad it won’t be my place. You’d have to get in a boat to take a route further from my place in GA :slight_smile:

Next time, maybe.

Sorry won’t be me either… we would love to have you, but we are in Western PA…
Maybe next road trip :lol:

I am about 20 minutes from I95 in NC. Stop by and I’ll treat you to an awesome dinner!

I know on another forum I am on (not pizza related) they have some sort of Flickr map where it shows everyone’s location. I think that this would be a neat feature? It seems that most people would be happy to tell where they are located.