TT info needed for PMQ online content

Any takers? I am writing a little article about the Think Tank for and I’d like to highlight some of our members with their full name, pizzeria, location and picture.

Mostly I want to know why you come here and what kind of memorable you experiences you have.

I’m in, please message me what criteria you’d like and how long you want it. Thanks!

I think maybe I did this before?

Besides my pizza store ownership, one of the ways I feel like I can be helpful on the TT is contributing from the perspective of a business broker and commercial property broker.

Info on that aspect of what I do can be found here:

I am the 5th one down.

We would love to have our social cause/pizza included in your article. Walter/Judy

I come here to learn more about the business side of pizza, help when I can, and for Tom Lehman’s insights.

This got put on hold for the time being but I will be sure to reach out another time. Thanks for ya’lls response :slight_smile: