Tuna and fish hoagies

Hey guys,
I have a mobile operation and I’m finding on really hot days my slices don’t do too well. Do you think a fish hoagie or tuna salad hoagie would be a smart addition to the menu , even if it’s just seasonal? I already sell a steak hoagie. I’d like to sell either hoagie at a price of $5.

A remarkable tuna salad, and more so a dynamite chicken salad, will make gold in a sandwich shop. Can’t be mediocre, or pedestrian. It has to make people realize yours is different and more exciting than anyone else’s they’ve ever had. Chicken salad can rule the world :slight_smile:

Any place to find a good tuna salad recipe?

I think you might find many folks may balk @ the mayo/hot day issue…

Perhaps a twist on a fish taco, Italian style…let your imagine run…char-grilled fish, crisp cabbage/carrots/zesty dressing/etc.

I saw a way kewl sheeter in Key West this past weekend…made a square tortilla…a great gimic…or something like that will only add to your mobile operation