Turbo chef fire?

Hi everyone-

Has anyone heard of the turbo chef fire?

Are they anygood?

Can you tell me anything about thrm regarding the product produced- is it as good as deck ovens?

I was at a Turbochef test a few weeks ago and they had one there…we were there to test out their air impingement ovens but you better believe i put some dough through the fire. it is a great little machine i cranked it up to over 800* and made a few napoleon pizzas. the only draw back of the design is when you crank a pizza in 90 seconds the front third of the pizza is a little less cooked than the back 2/3 because of the access door. with longer cooler cooks this isn’t much of a problem so the sales guy said. but i loved it.

Ive heard only great things about these products!


Thanks a lot for your reply-

So you would recommend it for a cafe/restaurant?

How did the pizza coming out look?

i would, if pizza isn’t your main item…firing one pizza at a time will slowwwww an operation down fast…even at 90 seconds a pop. its the uncut pizza on the right the one on the left is a different dough through a regular oven https://www.dropbox.com/s/5r0n5ao7c4766ym/20170606_120834.jpg?dl=0 (if the image comes up as broken right click and open in a new tab it will come up)

I notice the only one being eaten was the regular oven pizza :stuck_out_tongue:

lol i had just taken it out of the oven…wanted to snag some shots before we cut it up…and that pizza was just for fun the rest was business it was a big hit!