TurboChef Ovens

So I am working with a friend to open a new pizza place and they fell in love with a TurboChef air impingement oven at the restaurant show. I honestly don’t know much about them. anyone have any experience with them? @George Mills what do you know about them? I did recommend the Edge ovens. they learned there is no test kitchen to try our Edge ovens near chicago so they are hesitant.

We have only placed a couple of them in pizza shops at the owners request. they were in addition to the more often used used makes. They used them because they were ventless. In both instances they gave off so much heat in the room that a hood to remove the heat was subsequently installed.

What model is being considered? Single double or triple stack? What size pizzas will be baked?

George Mills

im gonna PM you @George Mills

if anyone else has any recommendations feel free to let me know.