TurboChef pizza baking

We have been using Lincoln conveyor ovens (both gas and electric) since we opened our first location 13-years ago. Our needed volume has exceeded oven capacity. There is no room in our buildings for more ovens like we have been using.

We recently began using an old model TurboChef, moving our wings and knots to it, which has given us a little room in the larger Lincolns. We do have room for other TurboChefs and their impingement cooking would have obvious similarities to our larger Lincolns. I have two questions:

Is anyone actively using TurboChefs to bake their great-fresh dough pies? Any thoughts on this, on sizes you’re using or topping amounts, or on quality if bake? Is bake time reduced?

Is there any great resource for programming recipes? Everything we are using has been adapted from other Googled-recipes of similar products. Finding the science and methodology behind creating recipes that would differ from a more conventional approach seems mysteriously absent.

We’d love to hear your wisdom.