Turkey Anyone?

Yesterday I made a run to US Foods Chef Store and found the entire section where there should be oven roasted, smoked or any other cooked turkey breast entirely devoid of product. It struck me as odd. They have been out of the specific one I use before, but never completely out.
I went to the grocery store next to me to buy a couple of pounds to get me through and they only had one brand, and only about 2 pounds of it. There was a sign up saying that “Due to a national turkey shortage many turkey products may not be available.” Apparent;y the bird flu is wreaking havoc on the flock. I found a few random news stories about this online, but nothing like you would expect to see if this were a major event. Is anybody else having issues getting turkey breast.



I had only heard of it affecting the chicken stock, mostly in MN and surronding areas. I was not aware it had spread beyond chickens.

I haven’t seen this. For the past 6 months or so, I’ve been roasting my own. I buy frozen boneless breasts at Rest Depot when they actually have them in stock. They are out often, but I don’t think it has anything to do with bird flu. So when they have them, I buy several cases and keep them in the freezer. I just rub it up like I do on Thanksgiving, and bake it in the deck oven at 350 for about 4hrs or so until it gets to temp. I then cool it in the walk in then wrap them up in plastic and prep as usual on the slicer. It’s been much cheaper and a better quality turkey. It has increased our turkey bacon ranch sub sales greatly.