Turkey bacon

Many of our specialty pizzas use bacon. Everybody loves bacon, except those that do not eat pork. When I send out a BBQ Chicken or a Spinach Alfredo pizza with no bacon I always think the customer is missing out just a little. After all, nothing compliments meat, bread, vegetables or just plain air like bacon does. So I got the bright idea of using turkey bacon. My main supplier does not carry it. US Foods chef store had one brand and it was close to $4.00/lb raw. I would hate to think what it would cost per pound after you cook it off. At the grocery store next to me it is just under $3.00 a pound for store brand. Is anybody using turkey bacon for their customers that refrain from eating pork? Is so what does it cost and is it available precooked?


Turkey bacon is not bacon. Message me and I’ll tell you the best bacon to use on your pizza and where to get it.

Hey, I thought there was a profanity filter in this forum!!
How did that offensive phrase get past it?

We are primarily a BBQ place, so we don’t get too many people that do not consume pork around here. If they do not, they bust into our brisket like a true carnivore.