TVs In My Dining Room?

How do you all feel about having TVs in your dining room? I have two right now that were here when we bought the shop. I’ve been seriously considering taking them out, since my customers rarely seem to pay any attention to them and I’m often having to remind my employees that I’m not paying them to watch TV. They are also fairly small and old, so maybe I need to upgrade them instead and it could be an attraction.

so maybe I need to upgrade them instead and it could be an attraction.

So your employees don’t have to squint to see Days of Our Lives? :lol:

Upgrade! Old tube tv’s just bring down your image. Flat screens are so cheap now anyways. You don’t need a top brand. I bought mine as an open box from Best Buy and a “last one” from Costco.

They give your shop life when you are slow.
Something to occupy your customers while they wait for their food.
More business from sports.
In general, gives the atmosphere some electricity.

Everything else being the same, I think customers would rather go to the pizza place with the tv’s.

I know when I go out for lunch from the office, I only go to places that have a TV mostly because I go by myself and it gives me something to do or look at while I pig out. Its my little lunch friend :slight_smile:

we just picked up 5 22" vizio LCD’s at costco for $299/ea for our newly expanded place…we were suprised at how many customers asked where the TV’s were since we took them dowm for construction and have not put these up yet…we keep ESPN on with CC no volume and 1 in the back usually has a kids channel on…our new party room has a 50" plasma

When we remodeled last year, we put in 3 LCDs and the customers like them. Have almost a full dining room right now watching the March Madness tournament.

I kept controls out for the lunches but the Food Network was on during dinners. It kept the hungry, hungry and the cooks interested and often sparked. Television, IMO, is more effective than internet or music. Read the customer.


we do 24 hour disney but i am thinking of adding one for sports center.

We have a few TV’s in our Softserve store. They seem to work well. One of the TV’s located in the ordering arearuns a video loop with our most popular products. Seems to work well