Types of Services

How many of you have operations that offer dine-in,carry-out and delivery? If you do would you do it again? What is the percentage of your business?

One of our locations is carryout/delivery only. In the low season when the business is all locals we do about 35% carryout 65% delivery. Local people do the carryout orders to save $$. Between our $2 delivery charge and the $3-$4 tip the savings is pretty important to some. Of the 35% carryout a very small amount is take-and-bake.

Our other location is a slice location. Most of the business goes out the door on a paper plate but we have seating for about 12-15 people. We also do whole pies for carry out but the business is 95% slices.

Delivery is simple in it’s way, but if I were to do it again, I would go with a place that is about 2500 square feet instead of the 1600 I have and add seating for at least 60 (100 if I could fit it in), have a salad bar and sell beer too. The kitchen would have to be huge to keep both the dining room and the delivery going. With that model, in my town I could do about 1M out of a single location. I would need roughly 40 employees to do it though.