I have noooo idea what is going on today, but am I the only one who is dead today? We have been running on all cylinders the past couple of weeks but today, and even last night…FLAT!

just checking to see if maybe its a glitch day for anyone else?

i am dead dead…

As you can tell from my fast reply to your reply…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

This sux! If I didnt want to go home and watch the hockey game in an hour I would send the staff home! Lol!

But I guess being slow its a good day for this control freak to leave the reins to someone else. Its just so dang BORING!

I mean, I could scrub out the cooler…uh, no, I think Ill leave that to my bored staff, I wonder if youtube has any good videos…

well i had a super busy day
here at home :lol:

Mine was busy. Been a busy week. Haven’t had sales like this since I opened!

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

this past week was our busiest yet we are now open wed and added our little buffet mon - thur 430-7 pm added 2 new girls to help keep up holding our breath but was sure nice makin some fat deposits last week :smiley: gonna order some cards from gotprint and start doing mailings to keep up momentum. food rep even stopped by for dinner couldnt belive how busy we were.

Keep it up Pizzabarn! We had our second highest sales week, and that on the heel’s of last week’s performance of then #4 overall. I’m with you. We’re keeping the marketing pressure on those hungry people with money to spend. More people have found us, so still more people will find us. And those already here will need to come spend money again.

Let me know how you postcard does. We are always in the market for good ideas to ‘borrow’ to use in our part of the world.

On Super Bowl Sunday, we were deader than anything!

I ended up leaving 3 hours early.

What killed us was that we had a 75º degree day, so as we stood out front catching some fresh air (well, my manager smokes and I was out there haha), you could smell the grills everywhere.

Dang mother nature…doesn’t she know that February is supposed to be COLD where people order pizza? haha

Well it stayed dead all day yesterday, truly sucked! Our sales to are up up up, but last night, YUCK! What the heck? It might be because it was so nice here yesterday, I think people were just in the mood to do things themselves, but it was a little depressing, sigh.
But joy of joy’s its raining again, so hopefully that will bring em in tonight and make up for last night, we will see…

Love your sense of humor:)

a slow day would be nice i am exhausted very very busy

Busy as ever the 10" of snoew in about 4 hours Sunday night sure did help out for Sunday sales as well as Monday. I was really surprised when we had about 20 eat in orders today I thought it would be all delivery.

Thank you cream puff! If I didnt have a sense of humor I might end up being a blubbering ball of tears and drool some days, lol!
Anyway, last night things pick up quite a bit and made up for my dismal Sunday. The gloom is back again today as far as weather is concerned so here is to another PIZZA DAY in the minds of many in my area!