UK pizza sauce

Hi, ive been reading these boards for a while but this is my first post. ive read about 6 in 1 and stanislaus sauce but cant find it in the uk. does anyone know of any sauce that is comparible. Im currently in the process of opening my first pizza shop so any help would be much appreciated, thanks, tom.

Stanislaus doesn’t export, so you’re out of luck unless you can find an independant exporter/importer who is brining it into the U.K. We did a pizza seminar in the U.K. a bunch of years ago (Manchester) and if I remember correctly, there were a good number of pizzeria operators from Ireland, so you might want to check that out, also, check with Kerry Ingredients, as they may have something. Then too, dare to be different, try using a fresh tomato topping, such as fresh tomato slices, or canned, whole tomatoes (better yet, tomato fillets, if they are available) drain well and break up with your hands, then spot onto the dough skin (don’t try for complete, even coverage) followed by a few fresh basil and oregano leaves, or a light sprinlking of dried basil and oregano, and your cheese. This is more of a New York presentation.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

thanks a lot for your reply,
will carry on researching and do a bit of experimenting, maybe ask a few suppliers for samples. i’ve had a little success with my own sauce, canned whole tomatoes, a little salt, basil, oregano, puree and parmesan cheese but not having the proper equipment ( at home) the dough let me down. i got different results every time!. this got me leaning towards frozen dough balls when i eventually open up. what are your thoughts on that?. tom.