UL listed oven hood, with worn info plate

I have a UL listed oven hood from EVS inc, it is 107inx77inx2ft. The recommended CFM have worn off of the plate, and the model number is hard to read, it looks like it could be F(maybe E) then U(maybe V or M or Y) then C then W. Its badly worn, but i think the model number is FUCW, i dont think EVS inc is in business anymore, as Ive tried to find their website, and the only one i found that the hood could have come from has phone numbers that have been shut off. Does anybody know where i could find a spec sheet or something for it, or at least pictures of that plate from possibly the same model hood, or a spec sheet, something, so i dont have to use the airflow calculations, which im sure would greatly increase the required airflow because of the area of the hood. Thanks for any answers i get on this problem ive run into at plan check.

Hi sd pizza guy:

The CFM requirements will vary depending on what you intend to put under the hood.

Did you get the intake and exhaust fans with the hood?

If not I can supply them for you.

Over a pizza oven that hood will need to exhaust 2475 CFM If you are using other types of equipment it will depend on what they are.

Let me know what exactly you are putting under the hood and I will do the calculations for you.

George Mills

a bakers pride 351 and an imperial fryer are going under the hood right now, in the future i will be getting a 2 or 4 burner range, but not starting the place off with it. I already have the fans, thanks for the offer though, and thanks for the help.

Your exhaust is OK at 2475 CFM Your Intake fan should be 1237 CFM You will have to bring in about 1240 additional CFM of air no cooler than 10 degrees below room temperature. Usually that indicates the need for a heated make up air unit.

How much A/C do you have in the building and is the air conditioner the type that brings in fresh air or is it only re circulating inside air?

Its important to know that in order to calculate what make up air unit you will need.

George Mills