"Ultimate Pizza Guarentee" ?????

was reading a post on here and Brad mentioned the Million Dollar Letter which got me to thinking about Kamron and the man himself BIG DAVE and his Ultimate Pizza guarentee
was wondering who here uses it and if not or you don’t know what it is would you,
here is a copy of it
let me know I am really considering printing it on my menus and mailers so I can create some buzz

I feel a strong commitment to quality.
I believe that no one needs to settle for an inferior pizza. Therefore, if
you ever purchase an unsatisfactory pizza from any pizzeria in our
area, call me at once on my personal line, 739-7033, and I will
immediately exchange the uneaten portion of their pizza with a Big
Dave’s Pizza, of the same size and Toppings…FREE!


[size=7]Big Bold Direct[/size]
That is one one the best guarantees I have even heard of, BD always has great ideas. If it doesn’t get the potential customers attention it will get your competitors for sure.

That’s a 5 out of 5!


What happens when someone brings in 1 slice of pizza in a large box and says i got this at xyz and it was terrible and your guarantee says you will replace it?

honor the guarantee and make a note of it so if he is a scammer and trys again you can say he has used his up

There is more to the Ultimate Pizza Guarantee than just replacing a pizza. Here is Dave’s explanation:

That is looking at the “little picture”…The “big picture” is most of the claims will be good clients and worth a lot of money over the years…

If I remember correctly, I think he required at least half of the pizza to remain in the box for the guarantee to be used. He also only allowed it to be used once. He would get your mailing info to send you mailings and this would be cross referenced to be sure it was not abused.

If not, you can make the requirement that a percent or # of slices to be present. After all, how many slices does it take to find out the pizza is not good.


Nothing will get people to try you faster than a powerful guarantee… but you can also guarantee other things besides the pizza…

Example: Domino’s never guaranteed a great pizza… just a 30-minute delivery…

When you put yourself in the customer’s shoes… you’ll see how a guarantee can easily become a tie-breaker when they are making a decision…


we may bring this back, we tried it when we initially opened and the high school kids quickly learned that they could by a 5 dollar dominoes pizza and trade it in on ours :shock: #bad apples

I dont know if i would call it looking at the Little picture. Just raising a point based on experience, not with the pizza guarantee, but with other promotions. In a world of honest people this is a great idea and im not saying it still isnt but there are some downs to it also. Just like to point out anything i can as after all this is a forum for discussion. I can also see the instance where the guy with the one slice gets mad that you would not make the trade with him and then he runs around telling everyone he knows what a jerk you are and that your guarantee is a sham.

I think it is very important that you have all the details ironed out before you do this. I had a family recently with 9 different profiles in our system because these days even the dog has his own phone line. So i think its very important to get as much info as possible to prevent multiple “trade ins” if you will.

Some of you may live in a town where nobody would do such a thing but around here i know better.

Love the idea with this guantee
I would recon that it only takes one slice, so keep it to one slice missing then you will replace it FOC