Unbundling equipment for sale

As many of you know we are selling a location. The last four months the real estate and ALL the equipment has been included in the sale.

We have decided to unbundle the sale and just sell the real estate and some equipment…since it would be specific to a pizza place.

Plus we haven’t had any interest and we think it is because it is so specific to pizza and I don’t think the potential lookers realize it is ALL the equipment.

Soooo we will leave a outdoor walk in cooler and freezer, 2 hoods and the fire supression system.
And take the ovens, ice machine, maketable, prep tables, mixer, reach ins, dough roller, dishes, tables, chairs,etc.

I am a little confused about the dishroom. Specifically, the 3 compartment sink, grease trap, dishwasher, mop sink, veg. sink and hand sink. Do we leave those? Seems we should since the plumbing is all ready to go.

Just want some input.

We had one offer and after talking to the realtor she thinks it may even spur their interest again as they didn’t need any of the equipment cuz they already have a pizza place…and their own equipment.

This will knock off about 30,000 on the price.