Under counter/Worktop refrigeration

Looking for opinions on brand reliabilty.

I am not a fan of True at all and they seem to be the most expensive but also every True unit I have ever owned has so much water gather in the bottom of the cabinets (make lines, Uprights, you name it!).

I am looking for a 48" Under Counter/Worktop refer with drawers (4) to use for my wing table in my new shop. The 2 places I have bought most of my small equipment like this both have Turbo Air and Beverage Air products along with True. All 3 make a unit I am looking for.

True costs about $3700
BevAir $3100
Turbo Air $2900

I have many BevAir items in my shops currently and not much complaint but when I am now into the $200k + range in building this new store a couple hundred bucks saved is a good thing - unless I am going to pay for that in the long run.


Maybe there is another brand I should look for?

With drawers…wrong picture in the post :slight_smile:True.jpg

I have had good luck with my True units… (Currently have 2. freezer is 16 years old, makeline was purchased used about 6 years ago. In my 2nd store I also had 2. They were there when I bought the store, lasted 10 more years for me and are still running for the guys I sold them to 6 years later) Regarding pricing though, the best price I found on them was actually to buy them from Sysco.

I buy True as well. I get them from Webstaurant.com
I have had other cooler units and after being in the business over 30 years, True has held up better than all the other brands. If you plan on being high volume, like us, get something good.

All the True makelines I have had (I currently have a 10 month old 93" Makeline in my campus shop) pool and leak water so much that we have to mop around it often. Is there a cure for that because I do say I have less other issues with my True units.

We Have many clients using True units and rarely encounter the water problems mentioned here.

Your units are defiantly malfunctioning a competent service company should be able to solve your problems.

George Mills

You could add on a condensation evaporator.