Uneven heat in oven

I have a Bakers Pride Y600 (2 stacked) The top oven seems to have more heat on one side then the other. The baffles are open the same so its not that. When I look at the burners it looks as though the right side isnt getting as much gas and the flame is smaller on that side the funny thing is the gas feeds from the main pipe and splits in to a Y. Anybody know why 1 side would get more gas then the other?

I have a Bakers Pride Y600

There’s your problem. LOL. Just kidding, but seriously, get a Middleby Marshall or a Lincoln… okay, kidding again.

Now I’m not a world renowned expert on the mechanics of pizza ovens, but it sounds to me like you’ve got some crud on the one side that’s preventing it from burning as high. I’ll bet if you take a wire brush to it and a pipe cleaner you’ll fix that little problem of yours. Hope this helps. -J_r0kk

P.S. Could be the fact that you’re in Canada, eh. Maybe that gas just doesn’t want to hit the other side 'cause that side’s close to the states. It’s jealous 'cause we’ve got better football.

I know those conveyer ovens are so much better… If you are to simple to figure out that a deck oven produces such a better product hehe. I did try the cleaning thing with no luck but could there be stuff inside the pipe? would it be wise to take the at out and look inside?
Ya we are jealous about your football cause we would like it to be easier like yours and get 4 downs instead of only 3 haha


I don’t know, man, but it sure sounds like that’s your deal. I mean, they’re just pipes and they have the same capacity. The only thing that would keep it from its potential would be a clog of some sort I would think. Like I said, I’m not the world’s foremost expert on pizza ovens… especially not those sorry deck ovens (hehehe), but that’s gotta be it. Hope this helps. -J_r0kk

P.S. Got any hair left on your arm? :lol: 'Cause you know it’s all burned off.

Maybe I need to pull out the burner and try cleaning it I guess thats the next step. I may have plugged some of the holes when I tried to brush off the pipes. After 7 years I guess its time for some maintence not like those conveyers that are always breaking down or that dont work when the powere goes out haha.

PS of course I have all the hair on my arms remember I DONT have a conveyer I have a deck oven and to use one takes brains and intelligence so I know how long I can leave my arm in it before I have to take it out lol

Sounds like you guys need a restaurant equipment care plan to go along with your health care plan, eh?! LOL! Wish I could be of more help!

P.S. Canada has football!!! LOL!!!

you didnt know Cananda has football? do you also own a conveyer oven? we also INVENTED hockey, basketball and baseball

This has happened to us before, if I remember correctly hit the burner a few times which helped but I’m sure ultimately we called the repair guy. There is a round gadget which mixes the air with the gas he played with and fixed the problem. But when it comes to gas I would call someone. I like the hair on my face and head so when it comes to messing with gas it is worth 100 bucks to call someone.

Yep I actually own two conveyor ovens! MM 570’s! Ok so maybe I did know you guys had football, a friend of mine from High School married a rookie of the year winner up there. His name is John Volpe maybe you remember him? Anyways, he was so small he had to go up there to play! Any luck on your oven yet?

Dayum Magoo! What kind of sales do you plan on doing out of that new place? 30? You don’t think your Volpe friend is related to Paul Volpe (ex Little Ceasars/Papa John’s guy) do you? -J_r0kk

Only one way to find out j_r0kk! Only time will tell, I did plan some head room for growth as well, but I better be doing way way over 30!!! The difference between two 570’s and two 555’s really wasn’t that much dollar wise, but the 570’s will put out around as much as three 555’s. My place is 8,400 square feet with a seating capacity of around 325, and I have a separate entrance for take out as well. I will be running items other than pizza through there also. I am basically sitting right in the middle of residential ground zero though, and I don’t want to get caught with my pants down (at least not at work!). Who knows though I just might lose it all! LOL! I love the not knowing, and I hate the not knowing! LOL! If I can only do half what I am hoping to do I will be just fine! I am not sure about Volpe being related to an ex L C/P J guy, next time I run into them I will have to ask and let you know. He has one brother I know of that is in real estate, but who knows it is a very small world.