Unexplained business blues...

Hi all.
Well, dont ask me why. But today I am feeling down, about everything…if it can go through my mind it is.
No, sales aren’t down, they are up from last year. I am kicking my main competitions butt around the block (PapaMur.). But…ugh. I just feel like I should be doing more! MORE MORE MORE on business. And LESS LESS LESS… in the business…See, I know I could be drumming up more business, if I was doing more business to business work. And if I was getting out in the community more. I hired a new person to care for the store…total BOMB, total fraud dont even ask…ugh. I do have staff, i hired a girl, she is working out really well so far…
I don’t spend enough time with my family…on and on and on I could list for a million years! But i dont want to preach to the converted, lol. You already know. I am just venting. I know what I am supposed to be doing, but sometimes I just get tired…tired of it…you know.
I am just tired :oops:

Oh the cycle! It can be so exhausting! We have to physically leave our town in order to really have a day off. Hang in there and try to stay positive! One thing that has helped me (in addition to tequilla) is to really visualize what I want things to look like…fantasizing actually what it looks like to be well staffed and mentally and physically with my family. Sounds a little hokey, but I think it can work! I’m sending positive juju your way and know that you are not alone!

I’d work on hiring someone else so you can continue to train them. Working on the business side of things 2-3 hours a day can really help. If you have a staff you can leave during the slow times, that can help you get started!

Thanx doughdiva and scott. I am just basically whinning. I am just in a whinny mood. I am tired, and frustrated. Just using this space to vent. And I know you all understand. I appreciate it. Yes, I have hired someone else and I am training her to take over during slow times. And for me to take a couple of hours off from the business every once and awhile. I just feel like I am in a cave today, getting a little stir crazy I guess, lol.
I will live, tomorrow I wont even know what my problem was, lol. You know the drill.

I am going to spend my slow time, which starts now, visualizing, and seeing the big picture. I’m in small picture mode right now. I need to expand my brain for a little while. Come back to that place where I started, realize what it is im trying to do here. Think bigger. Sometimes I just think oh if I could just make enough to pay the bills I would be happy. And lo and behold, I make just enough to pay the bills, I am limiting myself. I know this, and this tired mode I am in needs to be energized. Anyone got a live wire they can jolt me with, lol!

Thanx everyone. I appreciate it.

doughdiva Posted: Tue Sep 30, 2008 2:19 pm Post subject: Re: Unexplained business blues…

One thing that has helped me (in addition to tequilla)

And here I was thinking that tequilla was the only thing that helped!! Oh well, maybe I’ll take a break from it and try something else.

One thing that definatly helps me is that my wife works the store with me. It allows us to spend some time together, even if not quality alone time. Plus we have quality managers that allow us time away from the store so that we can keep sales on the rise.

i got em to sales are down this whole month people just arent spending money three home football games on fridays kills us everytime homecoming this friday expect to be dead cost of food gettin really annoying!!! new sitdown place opening tommorow down the street . just really hard to stay positive when all the time money and hardwork just dont pay off :!: cant keep throwing money at it anymore hopeing to fix it had good past few months but september sucked and betting october wont be much better listening to locals talk everyone is tighting there belts and laying off the eating out and saving there money.we live in very rural area not alot of money to begin with.probally going to work on gettin my concession trailer going for bbq thats where my heart is so you might be seein alot of my stuff on ebay :slight_smile: dont know yet but will be doing some serious thinking.
thanks for letting me vent.

You’re simply overworked. It happens, it’s overwhelming and while you may be making SOME money, you compare what you’re giving up for the money and it’s just not “worth it”. It’s depressing and it makes you just want to quit.

Instead of quitting, figure out how much money you ARE making, how much of that you NEED, and if the difference is enough to pay someone else to take some of the problems off your hands (managing the store), then do it. Get the “work-life” balance back.

I feel you. Get a copy of “The E-Myth” by Michael Gerber. Get the origional not the E-Myth revisited. It changed my life in another business. You’ll be blown away.

Good book.

And remember, just because you like eating out does not mean you will like running a restaurant.

Hi Canukfanlady & Scott

Back in the50s and 60s I had a restaurant supply company and we were always busy at the counter from about
11:30 to a bit after 1 o’clock. Reason, as explained to me by some of our customers. Those operators felt better going shopping during lunch hour because they felt the staff would be kept busy by the customers.
Conversely they felt that if they went shopping during the slack periods the staff would simply sit on their duffs while thy were not there to make sure they were taking care of off hour chores.

George Mills

Thanx everyone. I have been quite busy lately. Things are going “OK” I am doing WAY better than my main competition. But, ugh. ANOTHER pizza place is opening in a 2 block radius. It is getting ridiculous. This big chains are trying to squeeze me out. I am the ONLY independent. Now, granted, the customers I have come to me BECAUSE im an independent. But, its a matter of finding me seems to be the problem. I have being doing a few things to get exposure up. But, im so darn tired. I havent sent my email out in 2 weeks, I need to send one out today but I dont even know what to write. I want to write, DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND, I AM DYING OUT HERE!! STop going to the big chains, I WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU I PROMISE!! lol, but, alas…I think I am just having another one of those slumps in mood being overworked, over tired, and NOT PAID, lol. I cant remember sometimes why I decided to do this. I mean I do know, and i cant say things are bad, they arent. We are paying the bills, we are gaining customers etc. like the title says, its more…unexplained business blues. There really isnt a THING that is bothering me, I think I am just tired, and see so much more potential and it isnt growing as much as i know it should.
I have read, and re read the emyth. I think I will read it again, I understand the concept, but sometimes it is hard to put into reality. I have created the system, I have trained the staff, but sadly here unemployement is low so people just leave after a time, I do everything I can to keep them, but someone promises them .10 more an hour, and they bolt. I have tried to give them a sense of ownership, a sense of pride in the work we do. They all still will only eat pizza here, they love it, they believe its the best, but they dont care about where they work…anyway, I will leave it at that or it will be a book that im writing instead of just a little more whinning.
Thanx everyone, I appreciate that you care. It makes me feel understood and not quite so alone.

Is Halloween celebrated there like it is in the US?

yes it is Scott, what do u suggest?

Start now.

Find your 10 best customers. Print off 500 or so coupons for a free pizza. Ask them to hand them out to the adults when they pass out the candy to the kids.

Put together a letter, inviting them into the Ambassador’s Club. Ask them to share your message.

Absolutly Awesome Idea!!! :wink:

Several months ago, I did this exact thing. I printed out a list of all my customers who had ordered 3 times or more in the last 6 months. I sent them a nice letter with a bogo or $5 off. I got a whopping 15% return. I also offered free delivery. The letter was good for only 2 weeks.
Very happy with the response.

Never, EVER let any sight of the blues get you down. You’re tired, wanting to do more and demanding more on yourself than you can handle.

Step back, look around and feel the Shop, THE LOVE and the GRATIFICATION.

You can do it.

People often ask me, vendors for the most part, if I had a vision when I sold in early 07. I often wonder but the void is not worth the sale. Honestly, stick with your passion and when it seems like you can handle no more, step up to the plate and create something else.

Be Well.