Do any of you require your employees to buy non slip shoes?

I provide the shoes to my employees and require they wear them. I will provide one pair a year. If they destroy or lose, they must replace them. I figure $40 year for an employee isn’t a big deal, and I can advertise it as a benefit.

I am considering getting the non-slip shoe covers . . . . sort of like shoe ‘slippers’ to have on hand or use instead. One of my guys has a size 14 foot, and is a little harder to find shoes for.

I think non slip shoes should be a requirement.

do you pay for them ad guy?

We have had a lot of turn over lately, I couldn’t see buying them shoes.

Do you think it is realistic to make them pay?

Oooops. I meant to say that I pay for them in the 3rd month, after passing a review of performance. If they stay, I buy the shoes.