Uniforms per emoloyee

How many shirts for a new hire? How often do you replace those shirts? Do you charge employees for additional shirts? How often? How much $?

My typical par time employee has on average a 3 year career and works 2- 4 nights per week or 12- 20 . I give them 2 T-shirts when they start. Do you replace for free once they are damaged?

I am not sure what the typical practice is, but I have been into to some places where folks are wearing shirts so “ugly” I would not go back…I think they need to be replaced often enough that they look decent…

I do the same thing as you as far as the free shirts. I give them 2 for free then I charge them $6 each which is my cost on them for any additional shirts they need or want.

One free shirt per shift per week. i.e if they generally work 3 shifts per week we give them three shirts. We replace them as needed.

1 free shirt per shift in a week. If they quit before the end of three months they pay the cost of the shirts (as long as it doesn’t take their wage below minimum wage).

I take a deposit of $15 for a uniform (2 t shirts + 1 hat) upon hire. If they are over 30 hours a week I give them a couple more. Replace when “ugly”. I had the same policy when I owned my single unit independent sub shop. Most of the time a short term employee does return their uniforms and I give them their $15 back. I “Sell” my drivers a topper cord $9 which is bought back if in working condition if they leave.

I do not charge for shirts or hats or topper cords. Since i require these items i just build it into my costs. As for number of shirts, i just start with 1 shirt and hat. If they stick around for awhile i will give them more shirts as needed.