unique delivery vehicles

Just wanted to see who has a unique delivery vehicle here. I know Otis has an electric car, anyone else have something eye catching? I’m hoping to get a 2008 Smart for Two and have it wrapped. Just looking for some ideas.

I was openeing a place in Charleston SC, on an island. It was going to be called Mister Cacciatores…

The plan was to have a fleet of golf carts painted like NY city taxi cabs…

It never happened…makes me sad…

but oh well…

Otis’s car is very cool

I looked into a Smart Car when I was making a choice for a delivery vehicle.
Pros: Looks cool and gets noticed
Good fuel economy

Cons: Can only fit about 10 pizzas in at one time (not good when the schools are ordering 60 at a time)
Not too good in the -40 weather around these parts.

I started off with a PT Cruiser that got noticed quit a bit… but it went to the lemonade factory. I now have a Liberty with reflective lettering that shines when other headlights hit it.

how do i post a picture?

my GEM works well for me, a fleet of them may not be a good idea…

for close deliveries, and mild weather like Florida, I like the idea of bicycles, somehow decorated to be eye-catching
Domino’s has a couple of bicycles by the ASU campus in AZ.
They do not use them much, they sit outside and look cool though…
takes better than your average cyclist to execute on it…

Wow, knowing how beautiful and traveled that area is, it would have been a fantastic adventure. What happened?



Forget about Goomba’s “keep you dough off the ceiling”… Otis… brother… get your dough off the floor !!

I was looking at the picture of the dough balls and then I see your TOE !! :shock:

Maybe it’s just a personal pet-peeve of mine.

I see the caption of this one is " GREAT TOPPINGS TOO !"

Okay if we add a few?

“We have a 40” as well"

“We offer it by the slice, too!”

“Ours are fully proofed”

“All natural”


I am looking for a few unique delivery vehicels myself…

I like these but they are not available yet…

worth a look if you have a few minutes


great suggestions, I like the “all natural”
Otis :smiley:

actually 38 E :shock:


Here’s my ultimate unique car, but It’ll be a few years till I can afford it. If the time comes that I earn what a big league ball player earns, I’ll absolutly buy one. Cool, unique, and saving the environment!


There is no pizza on the island either.

I moved against my wishes, as the wife is very unstable :slight_smile:

Where’s the cartopper gonna go ? 8)

SmartCars are coming though!!

reserved my Smart in September. Hope to get it in 2008. Will probably reserve another this week.

I read (I think in PT) a few years ago about a pizzeria in Phoenix that had purchased a Plymouth Prowler & had it custom painted with their logo, phone #, etc. I loved the idea, but have yet to follow through - when you think about it, it’s probably a lot cheaper than a high traffic area billboard would be, and be far more attention grabbing to boot. If anyone’s got an extra $40k, just send it to me & I’ll let everyone know how it works! :lol:

Smart Car is the cat’s meow alright, wrapping it will be neat…

looks like it could be a little cramped for pizzas, eventhough the inside may be plenty big for most of your deliveries…
the 1 liter motor should work good…my electric GEM would not cut it where you are, range to much and frequent charging would be inadequate…small area with frequent charging the GEM would work,