unique sauce

I’m not a commercial pizza maker, but I’ve come up with a sauce that is unlike any I’ve ever seen, and it’s indescribably good, very easy to make, and like I say, nobody has it.
I would like to see everybody get the opportunity to taste it, but I’m afraid if I tell anyone, they’ll steal it and make millions.
I don’t have the money or the expertise to set up my own sauce company.
What do I do? :shock:

I would say save up your money and develop the sauce as a product for sale. Next best thing find someone you really, really, really trust to help you out, but all they have to do is just tweak the formula a little bit and now they have a new secret formula of their own! Next, next best thing… You could share it with the world right here and get responses from professional pizza guys about what they think. Who knows, maybe your sauce would wind up in some places across the Country, or World! I know if I was going to use it I would throw you a bone, and maybe some others would as well.

The very first thing to keep in mind is that sauce flavor can be a very regional thing. Ragu (the commercial sauce from the supermarket) has several different formulations for different regions across the U.S.
I guess what I’m saying is to proceed with caution. A good starting point might be to take out a booth at the NAPIC Show and serve pizza slices with your sauce to get a feel as to how it is received. If it passes that test, you could go to commercial co-packer to have a quantity of the sauce made for you that you could independantly market (pizza shows would be a good place to start). If that proves successful, you might be able to entice one of the large, national distributors to sell your product for you.
Good luck,
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Thanks Pizzamagoo, and Tom, for your good advice.

I have tested the sauce with three separate groups and the new sauce was a hit! In each private test, it was preferred to traditional sauce about 5 times out of seven.

Tell me more about trade shows - How much would it cost to enter one? Do they supply the ovens? I have to say I’m worried about entering in a show because once this gets out, everybody is going to imitate it.

Tell me more about co-packers.