Unique Toppings

We are a college pizza place & we currently offer one unique pizza topping that has become extremely popular. The topping the kids like is French fries on the pizza. It is even giving pepperoni a run for its money some days. It has been so popular & given us a unique edge over the national guys in town I am trying to come up with a few more unique low cost toppings we could add to our menu.

Do any of you have any ideas?

Or for that matter any unique or different specialty pizzas you think a college kid might get a kick out of?

We inherited one called a “Stoner Pizza” - has deep fried mozzarella stix on it w/fries & various meats…

Texas - I hope you don’t mind, but I borrowed your french fry idea the other day. It was amazing! We have a very popular appetizer of our house-made (double cooked) fries covered in Queso, bacon, and fresh jalapenos. We made a pizza out of it and it was amazing. I was shocked. I may add this as a specialty pie or, at least, put fries on our toppings menu…

I don’t know if this is really unique, but we make a ricotta mix that can be put in a squeeze bottle and dolloped on a pizza. I got the idea from a NY style place in key west and it’s been a big hit for us. Goes great with spinach and our chicken florentine sausage. It’s very simple - ricotta, parsley, egg, and garlic powder. Just enough egg to give it a good consistency. Obviously, because of the raw egg, make sure you handle it properly…

My jump off Is seasoned waffle fries. Just know, you heard it
Here first.

Base of cheddar, mozz
Waffle fries, sherdded smoked bacon
Cheddar and mozz on top. It’s a potato skin.
A delicious one.