University food court pizza sizes

When you open a location close to a University, do you find more success in selling personal size pizza’s, or do you still sell a large number of Large pizza’s to the apartments? We have three sizes at our other stores, but, just wondering if I should limit the University location to the Personal size.

I would not limit sizes. What if your customers want a large pizza and you only offer personal? You don’t want to make it an easy decision to go to the competition. I have never sold a personal pizza to the college but have sold very many large pizza there.

Thanks. This location is more of a food court design than a freestanding. Do you feel that makes a difference?

So the sales will mainly be to students in the food court? When I think food-court pizza this type of menu comes to mind:

Another option would be to make 16" NY-style pies and sell slices.

But if you’re delivering and in a spot where customers can park and carry out, then I’d think about just replicating what you’re already doing well enough to be expanding from and maybe draw attention the personal size where the menu boards face the food court. Offer pizza & a drink for a combo price to that audience.

Thank you Brad. It’s a new concept to Utah. Off campus food and hang out center in the middle of the apartment complexes. I appreciate your advice.