Univex Divider/Rounder

anyone use/seen one? Opinions?

I’m getting old & may begin 2 make some sub/rolls 4 the new place/concept - or am I getting lazy - I “fergit”

we had one at the culinary school I attended, but we never used it as we always had plenty of hands to cut and roll rolls. To me it’s not worth the expense when you can cut and roll by hand.

We looked at buying a used one from an auction house - but decided against it at the last minute when we found out that one model would not cover our range of dough ball sizes.

This suprised me. We would have needed 2 different models in order to cover our range of ball weights from 9 ounces to 27.

The only divider-rounder that I’m awatr of with a scaling range that wide is the S-300 from A-M Manufacturing. But be prepared to dig deep into your pockets, cause they ain’t free nor are they cheap either, but if you can snag one at a reasonable price, grab it.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

the univex dough divider/rounder is actually made in Italy and badged by univex, I have been useing one for several years and found it works very well I use it for all sizes of dough ball with no problem all you have to do is swap the cone on the front. ther is also an adjustable cone available but I dont know if Univex have this ( I have been using the Italian version)