Unlock the thread? Stirring the delivery debate...again.

Should the tread Stirring the delivery debate…again… be unlocked?

what fool locked it in the first place. Songs like an abuse of power to me.

I am the fool that locked it at the request of the original poster. I would invite anyone who thinks I have abused the power bestowed on me to step up and volunteer to moderate this forum for a while.

I was a moderator in 10 years ago…for a couple years…it was a sarcastic poke at you :slight_smile:

Yes…I think once a thread it is put out to the community, it belongs to the community, not the original poster…

But only if it sticks to what the original poster was asking or the topic at hand,not to switch it to someone’s personal agenda.

I was following the thread and could see that there were “passionate” posts being made. As a new owner (Just finished month 3 today) I find that the think tank is my number one source of information. This is especially so when there are strong “passionate” people trying to get their view of the business across.

It is up to me to soak up the arguements and information and then filter that into what I believe will help my business. A thread that really gets lit on fire lets me know as a new owner that I should pay attention to this topic.

Having said that, I understand if the thread stays locked but please consider new owners that are soaking up every line of text as if they were a sponge.

We delete spam, as it only muddys the thread…

When someone not in the industry hijacks the thread, is that not also a form of spam?

We all an create our own topics of interest…do so if you wish…

In my restaurants, I’ve kicked several customers to the curb, regardless of he consequences, as it is MY business & I must deal with the consequences…

Let us all stay on topic and keep the information flowing, in the proper direction…


Most of us know who the delivery advocate is. Instead of locking the thread, maybe we should lock his posts!

The OP got the opinions he was seeking, the thread drifted so far off topic that for a while it was moved to another section of the forum, that section is not the place to discuss the topic. The OP’s question was not about delivery drivers compensation. He simply asked if we thought if free delivery would be perceived favorably enough in the market to offset the drag of eating the cost of delivery. Every time we try to have a reasonable discussion about delivery and delivery fee it degrades into several forum members arguing with one or two members that see the drivers as somehow seriously oppressed and abused and the discussion turns into basically whether or not a pizza shop should be more than a support system for delivery drivers.

If you ask my opinion, I say leave it locked, if anybody wishes to argue about tips, driver mileage reimbursement, or any other hot button issues they can start another endless thread in the delivery driver discussion area, it will degrade into insults and name calling and then have to be cleaned up and locked by the mods.

I want to point out that Daddio is striving to do the right thing as moderator in addition to trying to run a pizza operation in his spare time. I believe he is doing an excellent job, I don’t always agree with everything he does, but I am wrong a lot anyways so he is probably doing better than I would do.

You need to change the font to “sarcasm” otherwise it is hard to recognize online.

Everyone has their point of view and is free to make comments or start a new topic. Once someone tries to change the topic to bleat about percieved wrong doings and then denegrate the topic into a onesided vitriolic rant about wrong doings by the complete industry then they should be locked from further comments on that tread.
It becomes very tiring to hear the same bleating coming from 1 or 2 disgruntled people who see only their point of view and then border on defamatory comments lumping every one into the same bucket. Once a poster makes such comments, be it a driver, owner, manager or general person form the public they should be locked from further discussion on that topic.
This forum cannot be seen to be an owners own otherwise it will get the back up of others who wish to contribute in a positive manner - positive meaning relevant and constructive comments be it in favour or against.
Just my 2.05 cents worth (the AU$ is higher than the U$)

First I would say keep it locked as it was going nowhere. That said… a couple of thoughts. I agree with Royce that a post is not owned or directed by the OP. It is a topic that is out for discussion. The good and the bad. Patriot… you asked the question… and not that I support PPG in this but you were asking how it affects drivers and their tips and wages. You got his usual answer…no surprise there! I disagree with those that say his original and usual responses were out of line or off topic… he was commenting directly on the OP’s question…at least to a point. It does lose all validity once the comments turn ugly. To the new peeps on the block… I would say use the search button and read read read! There is a lot of discussion from years past and a lot to be learned if you take the time and get into the old posts. Don’t be discouraged when Daddio drops the iron fist upon us! :wink: