Hey guys,

Thank you all for your comments in my other thread. Helps me realize some things with the good and the bad.

Anywho, I thought I’d start a new thread about my struggle and progress since we re-opened June 1st.

As some of you know, I had found a job about the 3rd day after we closed the doors as a consultant for a (newbie) friend of mine who just bought a pizza place a couple towns over. I was there for about 3 weeks and boy did I learn a lot. That place was run down after 13 years and 2 name changes, sales were low but they were still busy, and it was just dirty. It give a whole new appreciation when you have a new clean kitchen. Well after my dad talked to some people, lawyers, the landlord, the accountant etc etc he decided he was going to give it another shot, with or without me. He gave me a couple days to think about it but my first reaction was NO WAY. One day on the way to my new work, he gave me another phone call and I was very solid when I said no again. Things didn’t go well and I left the conversation with a bad taste in my mouth. It bugged me for a couple hours so I took the rest of the day off to visit him at his office face to face, man to man. He was pretty desperate so I caved in under the conditions that I would start taking some type of pay and that there would hopefully be some new rules (which really hasn’t changed).

So since July 1st (one month after re-opening to even slower sales than before), sales have been up about 30%. We got the new menu and items (sandwiches, pastas, 2 liters etc), new menu boards (which we didn’t have before), an updated wayyyyyyyy nicer looking website, better quality food/taste, nicely designed box toppers, nicely designed specials and coupons, a pizza slice merchandiser to sell slices, and a new lunch value meal 1-6 menu, oh and these huge (awesome) brownies that we put next to the register that are selling pretty well (not that that is a big deal but every little bit counts).

Long story short, I just do things my way now and I really don’t ask anymore. I found that talking and asking and seeing him less = less stress (no offense dad). I’m working way harder, way more hours, but I’m happier. Getting some kind of pay as opposed to $0 makes a biggggggggggg difference in your attitude, you wouldn’t believe.

So other than my busted up foot I got from a motorcycle incident this past Sunday from some dude that was texting while driving, things have been alright.

Thanks again everyone for being part of pmq and being there throughout this whole journey. Its been quite an experience to say the least.

Best of luck to you this time out Steve! I hope you do really well. I was in Chicago over July 4th weekend - if I had known you had reopened I would have come by.

You didn’t mention anything about an advertising plan. Do you have an advertising plan this time out? I know that was a point of contention with your father last time.

what is your website?

did you hire anyone yet?


After your harsh comments in the other thread, Why should you care?

Well, there ya go. Something significant is different this time! Seemed to me that this was the one of the two main problems you had last time, and it’s great that this may not be an issue this time (the other being such a saturated market).

With that sort of change, it’s a whole different story and won’t be the exact same train wreck we watched last time.

Good luck!


morbid curiosity

good luck steveo I hope it works for you this time… although I still don’t believe you can do oven AND fold boxes on the cut table :wink:

I have to agree that not having to ask all the time will be a huge change. Your dad probably is feeling less stress too.

Ya outta have a grand re opening…just to get the buzz going

Good luck to ya. Thanks for the update!


Thanks for the kind wishes guys!

Piper - All we’re doing for advertising is some coupons in the coupon magazine distributed monthly to our area. But I am compiling a list from my pos system to let people know about the new changes and menu. I’d really like to do some bulk mail postcards soon though. Man I should have told you we reopened, I totally forgot you were headed out this way. Next time hopefully.

Porkster - Yes, replaced the non English speaking person I had before. He did not return when we reopened.

Wizzle - Haha, still remember that. That was a fun topic.

Kris - There’s this huge fest in our town (which happens to be walking distance) in a few weeks and I’m thinking about doing something special for then. Not to mention, our 1 year is coming up around that time.

We’ll see what happens this time around. Thanks again for everyones help!