Upgrade oven to conveyor

Brand new here and just joined today from Orange County, California.

What we want:

We want to upgrade our pizza oven and think a conveyor sounds best. We currently have capacity to make about 48 pizzas (and heat pastas) an hour but want to have capacity of around 100. We believe a conveyor oven may help us increase efficiency and capacity.

We believe we would prefer a gas.

Who we are:

A 30 yr pizza, pasta, salad, and meatball sandwich restaurant that we purchased 8 months ago.

What we current use:

A large gas oven with four rotating trays. We have a vent but no hood. The present footprint of the oven is 8’ x 8’.The average cooking time for each pizza is 14 minutes. The present oven rotates at 10 RPM and we are unable to control the rotation speed which can cause uneven cooking of the pizzas. To date, we average 45 pizza orders during 5-7:30 pm on Friday/Saturdays with the peak order at 12 at any specific time frame.

We set the oven to 450 degrees. On a busy night it will cool to 375. The oven takes around 1 hour to get to operating temperature so we need to have staff come in early to start the heating process.

What we prepare in the oven:

Pizza (up to 18 inch), knots, garlic bread, pasta dishes bake the cheese on top, meatball sub. We can comfortably fit three XL pizzas on each of the four rotating trays in the oven at one time.

We also cook sausage,lasagna, par cook vegetables, and wings on standard sheet trays.

check out Edge Ovens…I have been very happy with my double stack WB60 since making the switch from a Roto-flex oven that could not keep up. Each deck can handle an 18" pizza per minute so we can easily do 120+ per hour. We prep our wings but have an other grill line for all our non-pizza items. Good Luck!