Hello pizzamakers.

We’re trying to emphasize UPSELLING with our employees and need your advice.

1.) We’re currently selling about 30-35% of sides (items beside pizza) compare to the # of pizza. Besides pizza the only main entree we sell are calzones and paninis the rest are sides (wings, sticks, soda, etc.), but we clump these other entrees with “sides” when taking the percentages. What’s a good ballpark and what is your percentage? In a perfect world we like the # of items beside pizza to be around 50% because this means every pizza sold, we sell another item with it. But what is a realistic figure and goal?

2.) When we calculate GROSS SALES for other items with our pizza gross we’re only at 8%-10% with the other items. This number can’t obviously drastically go up as side items have lower price points than pizza. What is a good figure when it comes to gross sales?

And which one should we emphasize to increase? The # of other items or GROSS sales of the other items?

3.) Additional upselling tips and incentives would greatly be appreciated!

Thanks for the help!

Make a game of it with your employees. We take a week and put things that we want to try to upsell like 2 Liters of Soda or Bread Sticks. The employee that sells the most in a week gets money. We try to change the game each week so they can see by just asking the customer while they have them on the phone - Would you like to add a cold 2 liter to your order? Really works. You dont have to use money as the motivator go buy some tickets to the movies or trade with other businesses in your area for things that your employees want.

The key to upselling is to sell products (add-ons) that have a minimal labor component. Like a two-liter of pop, or a pint of ice cream, or Dibs, or wings. These are products that don’t take long to add to the order, and produce instant easy profit.

For instance.
You sell pizza. Let say you profit 10% on pizza products. So you sell a $20. pizza you make $2.
You sell a two-liter of pop with the pizza for $1.99, (your cost $1.09), it takes no real labor to produce the product so the add-on of a two-liter to the order adds 90 cents profit to the order increasing your profit to 13.2%
You sell a pint of Dibs with the pizza for $3.99, (your cost $1.79), it takes no real labor to produce the product so the add-on of a pint of Dibs to the order adds 2.20 cents profit to the order, more than doubling the profit of the order.