Urgent deck oven help needed!

I lit my blodgett ovens and the gas trickles through and lights the burner. The burners look like a gas stove set to “low”, like there’s not enough gas coming through, you could barely hear any gas hissing. Both ovens were doing that. I let them run for a while (Several hours) and now the top oven sounds like a propane turkey fryer burner and has 1-2 inch blue flames coming out the burner while the bottom oven has the little tiny blue flames.

It took both ovens over 3 hours to reach 300 degrees in the “low” position.

If anyone can offer any guidance I would appreciate it. I am running propane and the ovens were re-orifaced properly, and the gas is hooked up properly.

When turning the gas on and off on the noisy oven, there is a POP at the air mixture valve and it’s like the gas is igniting inside the tube there. Thanks for any help.

I bought my oven from auction. It had been turned many, many rotations from people playing with it. The oven tech had to turn it clockwise (whichever way HOTTER is) several rotations before it was in the right “area”. The other possibility is that you don’t have enough gas line pressure. When it’s heating, it should have some nice flames. Don’t be afraid to open it up by turning it around past the hottest, just keep track of how many rotations in case you need to turn it back.

what part are you talking about, the air mixture or something on the thermostat? Thanks for the input!

Sorry, thermostat. I ended up having an oven guy come out and it wasn’t too terribly expensive.